Acceptable Use Policy & Terms Of Service

Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement Daksha Host shall try its level best to offer the dedicated services throughout the term of this Agreement. You, however agree that from time to time the services may be inaccessible/ inoperable for any reason, including, without any limitation:

  • equipment malfunctions
  • causes beyond the control of Daksha Host or that are not reasonably foreseeable by Daksha Host, including, without limitation, failure or interruption of telecommunication or digital transmission links, network congestion, hostile network attacks or other failures
  • periodic repair procedures or maintenance that Daksha Host may undertake from time to time.

You agree Daksha Host has no control of availability of services on a continuous and/ or uninterrupted basis.

You further agree that as a normal course of its business, it may be really necessary for Daksha Host to migrate its servers. As a result, even though you may have a dedicated IP, You may be assigned a different IP number. Daksha Host does not warrant that you will be able to consistently maintain your allotted IP numbers.

Daksha Host offers a service uptime guarantee for the Services of 99.9% ("Service Uptime") of available time. If Daksha Host fails to maintain this level of service availability, you may contact Daksha Host for further follow up for that month. The credit may be used only for the purchase of further services and products from Daksha Host, (excluding applicable taxes), this service is not available for our dedicated server clients. The credit, however, does not apply to service interruptions caused by:

  • errors caused by You from custom coding or scripting, at your end
  • causes beyond control of Daksha Host or that are not reasonably foreseeable by Daksha Host
  • periodic scheduled repairs or maintenance Daksha Host may undertake from time to time
  • outages that do not affect the appearance of the website but simply affect access to the site such as email and FTP
  • outages related to the reliability of certain programming environments.